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Grand River Kennel Club | Ashtabula Kennel Club

Commercial Booth Reservation

Thursday, July 14, 2020 - Sunday, July 17, 2022

The fee is $5.00 per linear foot frontage including staking per day.

Thursday is free during the specialty.

Download Vendor Contract 2022

Send To:

Please mail contracts and remittance to:

Robert Sobol
Regatta Classic Vendor Chairperson
16210 Hart Road
Montville, Ohio 44064
Catalog Advertising Page Rates
Full Page - (with photo) $100.00 Full Page - (no photo) $75.00
Half page - (no photo) $50.00 Quarter Page - (no photo) $25.00

Deadline for advertising copy is TBA

Advertising Inquiries:

Contact: David R. Miller
8763 Marjory Dr., Mentor, OH 44060
(440) 257-1006

The Grand River Kennel Club has been proud to host the Regatta Classic Dog Show for over 70 years. Our rich history is attributed to the many men and women who share thier love for showing their purebreed dogs and whom over the years have shown great support for our pretigeous event.

Explore our history and take in the success of the Regatta Classic Dog show displayed proudly in our Photo Galleries

Grand River Kennel Club | Madison, Ohio

The Grand River Kennel Club was founded in 1950 as a non-profit organization and became incorporated in 1950. 

Grand River Kennel Club is dedicated to the advancement and welfare of purebred dogs and we are recognized member club of the American Kennel Club.

Celebrating 70+ Years Of Heritage!

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