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Janet Coy | Grand River Kennel Club Board Of Directors

To let you know a little about me, I have always been involved in dogs and horses as long as I can remember. I got my first whippet in 2012 after watching my granddaughter show her whippet, Siri, at her very first dog show at the age of 6. I was in awe with the way Sirri looked at her so intently did whatever she asked of him. Such a lovely breed with beautiful S curves, lovely movement, and so many beautiful colors! I fell in love with the whippet breed immediately and passion took over! It has been a family affair from then on.

With the help of my mentor, my family, and others in the breed fancy I have been showing whippets for approximately 10 years. Within that time, I have bred and whelped several litters always striving to improve the breed in conformation, temperament and health testing.  I am also a member of the American Whippet Club, the Whippet Rescue and Placement organization and Cuyahoga Valley Hound club. 

It is very important to me that we as purebred dog owners educate the public on the importance of the purebred dog and preserving the fancy for years to come. 

Grand River Kennel Club | Madison, Ohio

The Grand River Kennel Club was founded in 1950 as a non-profit organization and became incorporated in 1950. 

Grand River Kennel Club is dedicated to the advancement and welfare of purebred dogs and we are recognized member club of the American Kennel Club.

Celebrating 70+ Years Of Heritage!

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