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Charlene Lorek | Grand River Kennel Club Secretary

Charlene Lorek has always loved dogs.  Her first love was a West Highland White Terrier named Max. In 2013 a Glen of Imaal Terrier came into the Lorek household.  This pretty little girl was show quality and the breeder wanted her shown. It was then that Charlene and her husband decided to embark on a new journey and decided to show and finish her themselves.  With a wonderful community surrounding them, and lots of encouragement Hattie finished.  Hooked on showing and really having fun they continued to put a Grand Championship on her.  She enjoyed attending Montgomery Terrier shows and AKC Nationals!

After health testing and consulting several respected breeders, the Lorek’s decided to breed.  Out of a litter of three boys, two of them are Champions and one just recently earned his Grand Championship.  Meeting wonderful people and preserving the breed has been a passion for Charlene and she strongly feels that being involved in her breed club (Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of America) and her local club (Grand River Club) will help to preserve the dog fancy.  Charlene also holds the position of Vice President in her breed club at Glen of Imaal Terrier Club of America. After attending so many amazing shows and realizing how much goes into putting on a show, Charlene feels it is important to give back to the community. 

Charlene Lorek has been an elementary school teacher for 24 years and worked in the floral design industry for 15 years.  She loves to garden and spend time with her dogs.  Hattie now only needs an Earth Dog title to earn Master Versatility.  She feels that it is important to keep her dogs involved in AKC sports and keep her dogs happy!  Her biggest accomplishment is having Hattie certified as a therapy dog. She takes her to school, the library, and nursing homes. 


Having my dogs has opened a world of love, happiness, and wonderful people!

Grand River Kennel Club | Madison, Ohio

The Grand River Kennel Club was founded in 1950 as a non-profit organization and became incorporated in 1950. 

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