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AKC Delegate's Report - Ann Lettis

Once again all the meetings were Zoom meetings.  This has made it very difficult during Committee meetings for those attending to have any input or be part of the discussion.  However, it seems that there will be some changes making this available, but at the June meeting we'll see how this works.


There has been some continuing discussion with regard to Puppy Bred By Exhibitor Classes.  Currently it has been approved that a puppy who has earned Champion points from that class will be limited to a cap of 5 points total.  Still under discussion is how this class will be designated.  Half of the By-Laws Committee wants a special class for these BBE Puppies, the other half suggested a box checked off as is done for Owner/Handlers.  As of now it has been sent back to the AKC BOD/Staff to be reviewed.  This BBE Puppy Class will be optional.


The All Breed Committee raised the issue about shows and judges currently need to calculate distance for assignments and/or show sites, based on how the crow flies.  Currency the distance is set at 200 miles, however different locations around the country have environmental problems and want to see this changed to 250 miles with an appeals process available.  This would make it easier for judges accepting assignments, and with many clubs having to change sites due to COVID and other issues, this would also be helpful. Right now this is a proposal and will be sent for review to the AKC BOD and Staff.  Additionally it was mentioned that there have been virtual meetings with at least 12 veterinarian schools and more are scheduled, as they have had a very positive response.  Then a suggestion was made that if any shows are reasonably close to a veterinarian school perhaps the show giving club could invite the students to the show for a tour.  Currently 453 clubs have contributed to the Reunite Trailers, and there are now in 29 states.  These help when there is a natural disaster to take in and care for the animals in various areas, recently one sent to Houston.


At the formal Delegate meeting there was a vote that eliminated most addresses, except for that of the Show Chairperson. I felt it was not specific and so did a few other delegates, so of course I had to voice my opinion   "Ms. Lettis: Ann Lettis, Grand River Kennel Club. I understand that address can encompass a lot of different things – including an e-mail address. I really think that it's important to have that stated in this amendment. When someone first reads this, they may assume it's a snail mail address. It would be extremely helpful so that there's no confusion to specifically mention email address, Post Office Box, etc."  Well a vote was taken and it was approved, simply stating "address" for the Chairperson.  However,I spoke with someone on the Dog Show Rules Committee after and he agreed there needs to be some housekeeping done on this amendment.  During the financial report we were informed dog registrations were up 20% an increase from 2019 , litter registrations up 12% from 2019, entries were down 44% and events 46%, to be expected.  


These are the election results:  

Class of 2025

  • Rita J. Biddle, Esq, Delegate from the Ingham County Kennel Club, Inc.
  • Dominic Palleschi Carota, Delegate from the Pharaoh Hound Club of America
  • Dr. Thomas M. Davies, Delegate from the Springfield Kennel Club, Inc.
  • Thomas Powers, Delegate from the Kennel Club of Beverly Hills

In addition, Dr. Thomas M. Davies (Springfield Kennel Club, Inc.) was elected as the Chairman of the Board and Dominic Palleschi Carota (Pharaoh Hound Club of America) was elected as Vice Chairman of the Board at a meeting of the AKC Board of Directors, convened after the Delegates Meeting.


As always, if anyone has questions please feel free to contact me, if I don't have the answer I will definitely find it for you.

- Ann Lettis

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